What is Pretty Minimalism?

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If you would close your eyes and think about minimalism, what do you see? It is a white void? Someone with almost no belongings, living out of a backpack? Is it a design style? Beautiful minimalistic furniture? The term minimalism is quite populair nowadays and there are multiple meanings of the word.

Minimalist lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle is about embracing less, to make room in your life for things that make you happy. This can be done by owning fewer possessions and buying only what you need. It’s all about consuming intentionally.

There are minimalists that got rid of 10% of their belongings and minimalists that live out of a backpack. It’s a wide range. In general you could say the lifestyle is about breaking the habit of buying for fun and surrounding yourself with stuff you might not need. Since most people already own a lot of things, it starts by getting rid of stuff. After that, you start focussing on buying less. This way of thinking might have effects on other parts of your life, because you start thinking about what is important to you. It is a powerful way of living and can bring you clarity and piece of mind.

Minimalistic design

Minimalistic design is about the beauty of less; less shapes, decoration, colours and ornaments. Embracing the basic shape of an object and make that very beautiful. This often results in design pieces. It might surprise you, but it takes more effort to design something nice that is basically beautiful, simple in it essence.

Minimalistic design can be found in architecture, interior design and even in everyday household items.

What is pretty minimalism?

Pretty Minimalism is the combining the desire of less belongings with the love for minimalistic design. This results in an intentional lifestyle where you own essential things that are very pretty.

Minimalist lifestyle x minimalistic design = pretty minimalism

At Pretty Minimalism, we are all about great design and intentionally choosing the world around us. We even think that most of the time, we might be not critical enough in shaping the place we live in. Would you hang a painting on your wall that you don’t like? Probably not. You see the painting everyday. Therefore you would choose a painting that you love looking at. For a painting that’s obvious, because it’s an item that has one purpose; to caress your eyes. But what about other items? Maybe there are items in your life you see more often then a painting! If you have the option to choose a beautiful version of that item, why not go for it?

Let the minimalist lifestyle inspire you to be a critical consumer, so you will live in a space that you love.

The start of the Pretty Minimalism blog

In this blog we, Simon and Maartje, will update you on our journey to pretty minimalism. We will inspire you with stories about the minimalist lifestyle and show you the power of great design. We will share it when find items that we fell in love with, sometimes after months of searching. We provide the guide to pretty minimalism.

We won’t own much. The belongings we do have? We really, really love them ♥️

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